The Tech Demon

A tech blog from a low vision user's perspective

Welcome to The Tech Demon

This site aims to be a great resource for all things tech with a specific focus on blind and low vision users.

The site is just getting started but over the coming weeks and months I plan to add lots of blog posts and opinion pieces, as well as written, audio and video tutorials and demos across various platforms, including iOS, Mac, Android and Windows.

Check out for example my first blog post, My Month On Android, outlining my experience of using an Android phone for a month, an interesting experiment for someone who has used an iPhone for the past six years, my recent post looking at how I have organised the icons and folders on my iPhone home screen, and my guest appearance on the NCBI Technology Podcast talking about iOS10.

There's no comment section, but feel free to get in touch through the Contact Form, or on Twitter @davidnason1.

Other Resources

Plenty more to come from this site in the future, but here's some other sites I'd like to recommend.

A community powered website for blind and low vision users of Apple products.
Great mainstream Apple site which also covers accessibility related stories.
Another good mainstream site for all things Apple.
Android Central
Mainstream resource for all things Android.
My YouTube Channel
iOS and jailbreaking tutorials and reviews for VoiceOver users.
TTS Guides
A great resource for screen-reader users who are new to iOS or looking to improve their skills.
Inclusive Android
Resource for Android users with an interest in accessibility, including blind and low vision.

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